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I love to read, i've always been a reader, and now I can share my love of books. I love living inside books, and experiencing new worlds, and meeting new people.

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Sweet Reckoning

I loved this book, it was a great book to end this trilogy. This trilogy, is amazing and I love Anna and Kaidan's romance. This book had everything in it, and I can't believe the trilogy is over. 


Anna grew so much in these books, but she definitely grew the most in this one, and became so much stronger as a character. She has to do so much, and goes through so many things, she's really strong. The whole Angel and Demon thing in this trilogy is so cool to read about, and to figure everything out with Anna. 


I love the trilogy I definitely recommend this trilogy. 



I just recently finished reading this book, and I loved it. The characters were great, and there was action in  the book, which I liked. I also enjoyed how Lena grew as a character in this book, and we got to see that. She's been through so much since Delirium. I loved Alex in Delirium, I didn't know if i'd like Julian, and I don't really. I thought maybe he'd grow on me, but he didn't. I recommend this book, if you read Delirium and enjoyed it, I feel like it's more fast paced though.